Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Featured Artist: Nicole Harper

Marketplace Figures (2009). Acrylic, 36"x48". Nicole Harper©
Aggressive Nature II (2000). Relief with glass and feather, 20"x32". Nicole Harper©

Ritual II (2000). Relief with glass and mother of pearl, 20”x 32”. Nicole Harper©
Featured Artist: Nicole Harper
The body of work I present as an artist depicts an eclectic collage of lived experience. Underlying each work is a sense of purposeful inquiry in which I have sought to explore my aesthetic sensibilities, memories, cultural identity, existence and heart. My artistic experience attends to my personal aesthetic inquiry; eternally questioning the origins my personal aesthetic and the meaning I make of the world as I create. Furthermore, as an art educator I have created art work for the purpose of teaching concepts, techniques, skills, visual culture and aesthetic ways of knowing. This work represents me in a professional context; as educator, facilitator and artist-teacher.  Media selections are based on the ideas I wish to convey, but tend to focus on painting, sculpture and photography. All my art work is signed N. Raymer.
My contact information:
Nicole Harper
Tel: 703-628-1081

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