Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Featured Artist: Monita Soni

 Sunrise by Monita Soni, copyright
 Sunset by Monita Soni, copyright
Santorini Scarves by Monita Soni, copyright

Featured Artist Monita Soni

I have been painting since childhood. My mediums are water color, acrylic and soft chalk pastels. My subjects are the laughing flowers, birds in flight, colorful scarves, friends celebrating life and the dancing eyes of children. I love to read and write poetry. I am thankful to belong to Huntsville Literary Association and Sundial Writer's corner, WLRH. I am inspired by several creative artists,
painters, musicians and writers in the Tennessee Valley.

*Brush strokes*

Swirling down
The spiral staircase
From the Sistine
A slender form
In a white frock
Slides by me

Two excited eyes
Laser beams
Of hope….dreams
Touch me
For a moment
And vanish

Like a painting under a painting


Dr. Monita Soni
President, PrimePath, P.C.
1874, Beltline Road
Decatur, AL-35601
Phone 2562865224
Fax 2563013278

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