Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Featured Artist: Stephen Ware

Featured Artist: Stephen Ware

I am an American known in Huntsville for mosaic on First Baptist Church on Governors Dr.1971... stained glass dragon at the Kafeeklatsch on Clinton Ave. 1978... lived in Yosemite Cal. for 18 years and worked at the Ahwanee Hotel as a chef...where I started oil painting...  I now reside in Murfreesboro, Tn... exitbited my paintings at Lowe Mill in 2010... and plan on another exibit in the spring in Huntsville 2012... I've done over 200 stained glass windows... over 200 oil paintings... one of my paintings is hanging in the Yosemite Archives Museum... stained glass window in the Aguatic Center Charlotte, NC...  have shown my work in Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Los Angeles...

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful work.
I was unaware of this talent.