Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Shawn Doughty

As a self taught artist, I grew up in Muncie, Indiana, which is an artist’s haven known for several famous talents such as landscape artist, Bob Ross, and “Garfield” cartoon creator, Jim Davis. It was not hard to live in Muncie without being influenced to some degree with these people’s work. I remember watching PBS as a young child mesmerized by Bob Ross painting his quaint little rocks and bushes. Over the years, as I grew up, I experimented with many different mediums from acrylic and oil painting, to wood working and wood carving.
It has been within the past ten years that I began to combine a love for illustration with a colored pencil medium. With my attention to detail and the ease that pencil coloration afforded to my illustrations I found a combination that worked well for me. In 2004 I came up with the idea of creating an illustrated collage of the state of Kentucky, while living in Lexington. The piece was comprised of a light hearted representation of the many places, people, and things that made the state personally unique. The piece was eventually titled, “The Who, What, and Where of Kentucky” which, initiated the eventual, “Who, What, and Where” state series that now comprises five states completed to date. My wife and I have always loved to travel whenever we get a chance and the creation of this series has now sparked a more intense desire to travel. Its amazing how the research involved with creating these pieces have opened my eyes to knew places that I would love to visit that I would have other wise not known about before beginning these projects.
Each piece takes nearly two months to complete, containing on average of twenty-five individual scenes that I must whittle down from the countless possibilities in order to have a piece that is a balanced representation of that state. The only exception would be the Indiana piece completed in 2006, which took nearly six months to complete comprising around fifty different scenes. My work is presently displayed online through the Alabama Tourism’s “Year of the Artist” website and the ShoalsArt.com. I have also slowly begun to reproduce the pieces into smaller versions of the original, which I then personally mount and frame for resale through my website.
It’s always fun and amusing to watch people look over my work as they try to figure out what each scene is before looking at the legend on the back of each framed piece. Knowing that there are people who enjoy your God given talent is a wonderful blessing. I am also extremely grateful for a wonderful loving wife who has been very supportive of my art and for a little boy who is just beginning to cultivate the love of the arts in his life.
Other than an artist I am an avid long distance runner, fisherman, and currently employed full-time as a chemist. It is usually during my runs that I come up with some of the ideas and images for my pieces.

My art work can be seen at http://www.whowhatwhereart.com/.

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